I work with manuscripts, web copy, blog posts, magazine articles, marketing materials and business proposals.

Each medium has different editing requirements so please use the below only as a guideline for the general type of editing for which you are looking. For shorter pieces I usually do line editing and proofreading together.


Content / development editing: This is the first edit that material should go through and takes into consideration the material’s audience and intended use. This includes things such as readability, ensuring a consistent voice and style throughout, ensuring information or plot follows a logical flow, and examining believability/plausibility (for fiction).

This is more substantive than other types of editing and at this stage I may make suggestions to move, rewrite, or eliminate sections of the text.


Copy / line editing: This is for material that’s nearly final and has already gone through content editing. At this stage I would check for clarity, look at word choice, examine sentence structure and flow, reword awkward phrasing, and fact check.


Proofreading: This is for material that has already been edited for content and flow and needs a last check for issues such as: grammar, spelling, style, and formatting problems.


Translation editing: This is for material that has been translated to English but lacks the natural flow of a native speaker. I can work to polish the material and ensure that the sentences sound natural, transition well, and are without mistakes.


I primarily work with US English but am comfortable working with UK English.